T&A (The Little Rock ‘N’ Rollers)

“She's my little rock 'n' roll. My tits and ass with soul baby.”

The same could be said of the guitars too! I wanted to create something that celebrates Keith’s career and contribution to rock and roll. The world wouldn’t be the same without him! The Little T&A’s, as we lovingly refer to them, are based loosely, but not too loosely, on his favourite Telecaster guitars. They also reflect his ES-355s in the form of Bigsby vibratos, three-a-side headstocks and 24” scaling. Commercially speaking, this brand proposal ticks all the boxes for reasons explained in my article on human perception and guitar sales. I’m really happy how the Little T&A’s turned out!

T&A (The Little Rock ‘N’ Rollers)

It’s All In The Name

It was great fun working on the Little T&A’s. They also provided our sisters at Jam Tomorrow with an opportunity to demonstrate their marketing skills too. They were set the challenge of coming up with an idea that doesn’t include Mr Richards himself. The answer is in the name - you could say, they are on the right track! If any manufacturer is reading this page and thinking about new product development, the Little T&A’s, could be the brand you have been looking for. As always, thank you for your time and support. SR

Quotation: Little T&A by Jagger/Richards. EMI Music Publishing.
Design Credit: Fender Custom Shop, Nash Guitars and Rock N’ Roll Relics.