In Search Of The Lost Chord

When I started designing guitars I had one objective: to attract the attention of renowned manufacturers and have my work mass-produced. In order to achieve this goal, I am always striving to create a brand that ticks all of their boxes. In essence, I am searching for something I call the Lost Chord.

Paradoxically speaking, I have been told this involves creating something old but new. It has to be conservative but radical. It has to be Mainstream yet alternative and, most importantly, have mass commercial appeal while remaining individualistic and exclusive. If these terms and conditions were your design brief you would say they are impossible to implement because of the contradictions implicit in them. I admit, at first, it seemed impossible to fulfil. However, as my knowledge and understanding of the guitar industry deepens, especially within the marketing sector, my interpretation of the brief does too.

Recently, I published T&A (The Little Rock ‘N’ Rollers), a brand proposal that moves me one step nearer to finding the elusive Lost Chord. The important word in the last sentence was “nearer” because it’s a never-ending journey of discovery and enlightenment! SR

T&A (The Little Rock ‘N’ Rollers)
One Step Nearer To Finding The Lost Chord!