The Thunderstick Slide Machine

Every sublime guitar collection needs an old slide machine that can tear down walls and blow the doors off your local waterin’ hole! One guitar from the ‘60s that fitted the bill was Valco’s Thunderstick. This gloriously named instrument was marketed under various brand names such as “Supro” and “Tosca” and was available through all the usual catalogue outlets of the day. The Thunderstick was driven by an absurdly overwound single coil pickup that produced tone by the truckload! Today, they are much sought after by guitar connoisseurs and collectors alike. Consequently, we believe she should be revived. After all, shouldn’t every guitar be called Thunderstick?

We have drawn our contemporary proposal with humbuckers but she could easily be driven by P-90, single coil or Filertron pickups. If any manufacturer is reading this page and is thinking about producing something different, “The Thunderstick Slide Machine”, could be the guitar you have been looking for. BR

"The Thunderstick Slide Machine"

No Further Description Necessary!